Custom Designed Jewelry

What it Takes to Make Great Custom Jewelry


Our passion is to create jewelry that expresses our clients' feelings, personality, and style. There is only one way to do that: by listening. We can take a sketch, drawing, description, or just about any idea, and we will create a piece of jewelry that says how you feel, to your love, and to the world.

We are guided by a love for the artistic process, and we create pieces that are the epitome of the jeweler's art, and that never go out of style.


Our jewelers have the skills to create settings in any style, in a wide variety of materials—from gold and platinum, to the more exotic iridium and palladium. Very few jewelers have the knowledge and ability to work in these exotic metals, or can even obtain them.


We have over 70 years combined experience in creating custom jewelry.


We use Computer Aided Design (CAD) and computer generated wax modeling for its ability to bring a greater degree of perfection to our custom jewelry creations. While the technology we employ puts us on the cutting edge in our industry, we have never forgotten our roots: hand-made jewelry done the traditional way.


3 Stone Ring 3 stone ring with pavé set diamonds.

Inside Out Hoop Earrings Inside out diamond hoop earrings in 14K white gold.
3 ctw.

Modern Half Twist Engagement Ring This modern half-twist design suspends the stone so that light enters from all angles.

Modern Half Twist Engagement Ring This creates a stunning display of brilliance and fire.

Modern Half Twist Engagement Ring Designs like this can also be adapted to princess, pear, or Asscher shapes, in curved or straight styles.